President Hollande Hosts R20 Founder Arnold Schwarzenegger

François Hollande, the President of France, welcomed Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Elysée Presidential Palace in Paris, on Friday 10th, for a meeting with high-level government officials to discuss climate issues. They were joined by Laurent Fabius, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development; Nicolas Hulot, the President's Special Envoy for the "Protection of the Planet"; Michèle Sabban, the President of R20; Terry Tamminen, R20 Strategic Advisor to Schwarzenegger;  and Christophe Nuttall, R20's Executive Director.

 President Hollande lauded Governor Schwarzenegger's commitment to environmental and climate issues, and stressed the importance of mobilizing civil society actors, subnational authorities, as well as the private sector to make COP21 a success. He reiterated that France wants to promote a "solutions agenda", one that demonstrates that economic development is in fact compatible with social development and climate action.
The President also called on all influential individuals who wish to invest in the success of COP21, such as Governor Schwarzenegger, to form a group of spokespersons that can raise awareness and mobilize the general public, as well as decision makers, about this global climate challenge.